Tens of thousands of Nako Power Banks have been purchased by our customers and here is what they are saying!

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“Great item to carry in your purse or brief case if you’re traveling or out away from home and your smart phone dies.” -Jennie Clark

“Went back and bought another one. Great to have as a back-up.” –Linda Citraro

“The Nako Power Bank was right on time I went out town without a charger and the kept my phone on and me in contact with my family.” –Myron Salters

“Nice product at a good price.” –Linda Knight

“Wonderful turnaround time! Received it in about 2 days! Works great with my iPhone 4S. Love it!” -Barbara Wood

“This was the second Nako Power Bank I’ve bought. The first was so handy, that it is repeatedly borrowed by co-workers.”- Liz Howell

“I love that it is portable. It does a great job. Definitely worth the price. ” –Jen Lacy


“Awesome little gizmo. Really works, too.” -Lynn Marziale